I believe certain things. I have a particular outlook on life. Some things are true. Some things are not. I think I can do certain things and there are certain things I cannot do. 

This is the same for all of us. How I experience the world is unique to me. It is my truth. 

And what if I’m wrong? 

I don’t mean slightly wrong but fundamentally wrong? Not about everything. About certain strongly held beliefs perhaps. Truths. My truths. What if they are wrong? How would I know? Are they wrong because somebody has told me they are wrong? What makes them wrong because of that? 

I know, or choose to believe, that I’m doing the best job I can right now. Am I? Really? 

How do I discover whether what I believe is ‘right’ or ‘true’? I ask myself the question – “Is what I believe about this thing proving to be helpful or unhelpful to me?” If my answer is that it’s unhelpful then I ask the question, “What if I’m wrong?”

Using this I’m able to question my own beliefs, some long and dearly held, and see whether they hold up to questioning. It’s no longer enough for me to hold onto something just because I have always believed it to be true, or helpful. Is it helpful now? 

Is how you’re dealing with aspects of your life helpful? Are the beliefs underpinning them helping you or not? What if you’re wrong?