What I Offer

“Before working with him I was ‘stuck’ in my relationship. I knew that I wasn’t happy but had no idea how to move forward.”

“Brooke provided a safe place for me to talk and provided useful tools and words to help me start to move forward in a positive way. He also helped me to find direction.”

I work with you to help you find peace of mind, a greater sense of calm, optimism and confidence. Perhaps you feel unhappy and ‘stuck’ in your relationship (with others or with yourself) and want to move forward but you have no idea how to or what steps to take.

What differentiates my services from other therapists’, is my interactive, thought-provoking conversational approach using metaphor work and a focus on how you maintain your problem now. This is not the usual approach of going through your past, which is not always helpful or desired. As one client told me, “His interactive approach is a refreshing change from the tedious analysis of the past employed by some therapists.”

As a result of our work together you gain clarity, a feeling of self-worth and the ability to reach your own conclusions. You feel empowered to move forward and be happy in your life. Which would be nice.

“Like chatting to an old friend, but a friend who’s not afraid to challenge you” and “Speaking with Brooke felt like talking with an impartial friend, it really helped that we could be open with each other (even sharing his!) that made it great.”

Read my testimonials to get a sense of how others like you have found their experience. I approach my work with respect, professionalism, courage, curiosity and a determination to make a difference – not just in that moment but fundamentally.

If you want to know how I can help you then call me on 07922 102536 or send me a message brooke@brookehender.com

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