What I Offer

I don’t know what it was specifically that brought you here, what’s currently going on for you, what’s ‘wrong’. I know you want change though. I know that feeling very well and what I offer is the opportunity to explore your current situation and to do something about it. Not just talk about it but change it.

You may have a very clear idea about what the issue is, or you may just know that something is wrong and you want to find out what that is and then sort it out.

I’m an integrative therapist which simply means I use a variety of approaches to offer you what I believe is the most effective approach for you. That’s it. If you’re looking for a therapist who will simply sit there and nod their head occasionally then I’m not the therapist for you. The people I work with are typically determined, curious and know that change requires commitment and a willingness to explore and see where it leads them. Sometimes they’ve had therapy before and although they may have found it helpful it hasn’t actually been effective.

I’m curious and my curiosity makes me who I am and helps my clients to be who they want to be. I want to find out how you’re maintaining your problem and how we can stop you from continuing to think what you think that keeps the problem in place.

Working with me can be challenging, exhausting, frustrating, fun, full of laughter and more besides, but everything I do is done to help you to discover for yourself what works and what doesn’t. I suggest you read my testimonials to get a sense of how others like you have found their experience. I approach my work with respect, professionalism, courage, curiosity and a determination to make a difference – not just in that moment but fundamentally.

I may well be the right therapist for you and I might not be so I encourage you to have a look around my website and if you want to find out more then why not call me or send me a message? You know I’m curious so I’d welcome your questions about how I work and what the options are for working with me.

I’ve written a longer piece and it expands on what I’ve written here and I share what I believe about therapy and therapists. It may give you some useful clarity. You can read it here.

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