I am always surprised to find myself at this point in the year. The time passes and seemingly so much quicker than I remember it doing before. Of course, I think this every year. And it feels like a significant moment when we turn back the clock for Winter. It has a long history (although not as long as you might think as this article explains. It’s a very clear ending of one part of the cycle and the beginning of another. As a keen runner here in Richmond and Twickenham I’m very aware of changes, whether it’s the seasons or the weather or how much light there is to run in. It’s one of the aspects that makes running a pleasure.

Of course, turning back the clock doesn’t actually change anything – no matter how much we might like it to. But it is possible to change our past, or at least how we use our past in our lives today. Our subconscious is amazing and does its best to help us. It doesn’t always have the latest information or information that is helpful to us today even though it’s doing the best it can. And all of the events that we’ve encountered help us to make decisions in similar situations that we face now. I’ve spoken before of how we pattern match and how we might perceive whether a situation is positive or negative based on that.

If only we could ‘go back’ and tackle that situation differently. We often feel that what happened happened and that’s it. This can result in thinking that how we behave or react to a situation means that it’s “just the way I am.” We can’t go back literally but there are plenty of tools available that enable us to revisit a situation or situations that helped to shape our current outlook and to look at them again with new learning and new understanding.

This new learning will enable us to deal with situations in a more helpful and positive way, one that reflects the way we want to live our life – no longer a captive of an unhelpful reaction.
We don’t always know what the particular circumstances or events were that started this process, but with therapy, we’ll be able to work together to uncover them and bring them new learning to help you lead the life you want to.

And the choice to do so is yours whenever you want, not just when the clocks change.