Therapy for business? Why would a business work with me, a therapist, for dealing with their work-related issues?

First of all, let’s get the obvious out of the way – you’re a person, an individual. If you are the business or part of a larger team you’re still dealing with your issues. So by dealing with them you’ll have greater clarity and bring the benefits to your work and personal life.

What if the issue is a business issue? Wouldn’t I use a business coach? You could. It might be effective, but if you don’t know what’s actually going on then how are you going to deal with it? I don’t mean what the outcome is. What are your experiences rather than the effects? Or you might be successful, but you know there’s ‘more’ and yet you can’t get there. What’s going on? Why can’t you take that next ‘step’?

Think about how you describe your business or business situation.

“I’m keeping my head above water”
“I can’t get to the next level”
“I feel as though I’m holding myself back”
“It’s an uphill struggle”
“I’m going round in circles”
“I’m struggling to grow the business”
“I’m going nowhere”

Notice something? They’re all metaphors and they’re are the best description you have to reflect your current position. People with issues feel the same way – stuck in some way and without knowing which direction to move in. Or more formally, these phrases reflect an absence of motion and an absence of useful direction. I’ve never had a potential client contact me and say, “I’m really moving forward with my life – can you help me?

It’s different from what you feel therapy is. There are no obvious outcomes, we don’t set goals. I just start with what it’s like and take it from there. You will get insight and you get to understand how you’re not only experiencing what’s going on but why your strategies to deal with it aren’t working and what might be more useful. I don’t tell you what you should do. I give you the opportunity to take steps and find direction.

There is no necessity to book a package, no need to commit to anything except the work in the session. That’s it. You can choose to do more work, and explore other areas, but there’s no requirement to.

And I don’t need to know about your past – I simply need to know what it’s like.

I offer a 30 minute conversation. Free of charge. Book on the homepage or via my booking system.

Therapy for business? Absolutely.