“Has seen my close relationships improve and my work life improve dramatically”

The whole program worked well for me. I’d got to the stage where I simply needed to talk to somebody and to stop the silence and noise in my brain! Brooke provided a safe place for me to talk and provided useful tools and words to help me start to move forward in a positive way.
He also helped me to find direction. I no longer feel muddled or in my shell and I now have tools to help me when I feel myself slipping in the future.
By facing the realities of my marriage, I have decided the type of people I want in my life moving forward. Being able to focus on what is important to me has seen my close relationships improve and my work life improve dramatically.
Brooke offered a different take on my thoughts and scenarios. Opened my mind!! I would recommend working with him.

JH (2 Months) 2021

Relationships/Feeling Stuck


“The end result has transformed me into a calmer person who is at peace with myself.

The sessions were challenging but useful. Brooke does rock the boat to stir up the emotions which can be intense but it is also a discovery session to understand the cause of my problems.  I realise there isn’t anything wrong with me and it is my thought process that needed addressing which I found to be interesting.  The end result has transformed me into a calmer person who is at peace with myself.

AP (2 Months) 2021



“He delivers the tough love in a way that massively helped me process my own gripes”

Brooke will test you, challenge you and open you up to what burdens you. He delivers the tough love in a way that massively helped me process my own gripes. It’s not easy and we had our moments but we always came out laughing.

Speaking with Brooke felt like talking with an impartial friend, it really helped that we could be open with each other (even sharing his!) that made it great. The recordings will always be a great reflection of the journey taken and been the biggest value to me.

I think we went through most of the big emotions or gripes in life and Brooke is not shy to weed them out and give them a poke – which is a huge strength of these sessions. As much as the tough love is tough, you appreciate it. If it looks like a duck…

Top guy and if you are not sure what is burdening you or something more refreshing to traditional therapy. He’s your man.

PM (2 Months) 2021



“It’s like I feel some kind of peace in the now”

“The whole nature and “feel” of the sessions worked well for me. I had no idea what to expect going in, but the sessions were relaxed and comfortable.
The playback and having the recordings to myself works well too, as I can re-listen and pick out new things each time. I also find it reassuring at the end of my initial block to know that I have those recordings still available to re-listen any time I feel the need to.

You made my brain work a lot! Or my brain did… whatever conversation we were having, my brain was whirring away trying to work out what you’re getting at or where we’re going with this. After each session I felt both exhausted and exhilarated.

On many occasions, it struck me that talking to/arguing with you was much like having an external “me” to argue with. Except where in my mind I’d carry on round in the same circles, you would somehow break a cycle. Like, I can have arguments with myself and neither side will ever win because I can see the merit in both. It’s hard work being me!

Hope… I feel a lot more optimistic that I can and will do “more” with my life, but it’s like I feel some kind of peace in the now so the notion of the what may be isn’t so distant.”

CH (2 Months) 2021


“The overall experience was incredibly positive”

“I felt I got to know myself better and was really honest with myself probably for the first time. Also realising that it is okay to say what I want was obvious but a big shift for me. These changes have also really helped in my relationship with my husband.
I found the length of the sessions good, it can sometimes take a while to get to the root of a problem and having 90 minutes allowed this. I found listening back to the sessions really helpful – I was able to pick up on things from the way I phrased it or how I responded to you that I hadn’t picked up in the session. I really enjoyed your humour and miss that ! Having the sessions on Zoom from a practical point of view worked really well for me.”

LK (2 Months) 2020


“Nothing short of life changing”

“The 2 month programme Brooke guided me through was nothing short of life changing. Meaningful change rarely happens without uncomfortable feelings, so be prepared to experience those, but also be prepared to meet someone who truly cares and wants to help you through the process. Brooke has a unique way of reading into what you need and being the catalyst to ensure you uncover those areas. His humour, candidness and compassionate qualities are what saw me through my initial journey, prepared me for the solo “discovery” phase and still continue to do so now. This is an investment in yourself that you won’t regret.”

LHJ (2 Months) 2020


“They were exactly what I needed”

“Brooke says of himself that he can be annoying because he asks you the ‘hard’ questions. That is precisely what drew me to book a couple of sessions with him and although they were tough they were exactly what I needed. I found his working methods during the sessions professional, supportive and flexible. I really liked the way Brooke sends you the recording of your session so you can re-listen to his guidance afterwards. An excellent therapist that I would highly recommend.”

BR (2 Sessions)


“I can now move forward in a way I never saw possible before”

“Brooke’s unique way of working took me on a profound journey that led to some deep personal realisations and change. The environment he creates of trust and safety supports this change. It was very tough and challenging at times, but also fun which I had not expected! I feel like I see myself and the world in a very different way and that I can now move forward in a way I never saw possible before”

SP (7 Sessions)


“A huge thank you for changing my life! and making me see life in a different way”

“I felt the sessions were very helpful, it built my confidence, I liked the overall experience of being in a safe room with someone I can be comfortable with, you were very calm about life and speaking with me, it made me feel calm about my own life and that it’s normal for things to happen. …I always felt good coming out of every session. it is something I had never done before.
…a huge thank you for changing my life! and making me see life in a different way”

HM (5 Sessions)

“His method works and results are far better than I ever imagined”

“When looking back at the work I’ve done with Brooke my only regret is not working with him sooner. Despite his infuriating and annoying techniques, his method works and results are far better than I ever imagined. He is more than just a therapist, he acts as a friend when you need him both in and out of working hours. Thanks for everything Brooke, I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am.”

FF (5 Sessions)

“You go where you need to go”

If you have come to a place where you know you want to deal with something and that anything is better than staying where you are, Brooke has skills to share with you. You won’t be idly listening or talking to him. You will be involved and challenged.
It is challenging for me. I feel in a space in his company, where I can say anything and be emotional. He is calm and kind. Brooke offers different kinds of therapy to the talking therapies one might expect. You go where you need to go. There are only questions and if you have the courage he will encourage. I recommend him.


“The change I have experienced is somehow fundamental”

Brooke has a variety of methods he can employ to help you to change. Trust him and always do your homework. These sessions are challenging and infuriating but the change I have experienced is somehow fundamental. It feels good! 


“I no longer have the fear of failure I once had”

After my sessions with Brooke I have felt much happier than I have for a long time. I have been feeling much less stressed, have fewer unhappy spells, I have been sleeping better and feel happy at least some of the time now. I found Brooke caring, understanding and very supportive. I was a little sceptical about hypnotherapy and that only a few sessions could achieve much, but all I can say is I feel much better afterwards. Brooke told me that I would continue to feel the positive effects growing weeks after the therapy ended and that certainly seems to be the case.


“helped me let go of a deep sense of being unlovable and repulsive as a person”

Firstly, I want to say that I’m definitely the worst client. A complete nightmare. I’ve been into personal development for many years, seen a number of therapists, and – to top it off – am a trained and working therapist myself. No-one is a worse client than a therapist. Because they already know what the problem is, how to fix it, and why your ideas for helping them aren’t good enough.

Brooke is one of the few people who managed to gain my trust and worked in such a way that I let him help me in the way I needed.

I needed help, but I’ve often struggled accepting it. And having it forced on me makes me dig my heels in. Brooke knew when to give me space, when to take the reins, and when to be somewhere in the middle with the right questions and nudges.

Brooke helped me let go of a deep sense of being unlovable and repulsive as a person. As well as a sense of powerlessness and lack of belief in my capabilities. I no longer have the fear of failure I once had. And I like myself so much more. Friends and family have commented how much more confident and relaxed I am. And I’m getting on so much easier with the things I’ve always battled with and procrastinated over. I no longer fear being plunged into depression either.

I’d highly recommend working with Brooke. He is knowledgeable, skilled, warm, understanding, and isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear. Yet because of the trust and connection we had, I felt safe when he did. And I laughed during every session. Not something I’ve been able to do with every therapist I’ve seen.


“If your life feels like you are in a runaway train”

…talk to Brooke. Mine did and thanks to Brooke that has changed, I have changed and the life I create for myself is changing. There is no couch or swinging pocket watch but words, questions and images. Brooke is helping me to clarify what I want and is giving me the self belief to grow. I don’t know how it works but it does. Next time I see Brooke it won’t be a runaway train that takes me there but curiosity about my own potential.


“Will enrich my life for years to come”

I approached Hypnotherapy desperately wanting it lead to real change that I hadn’t been able to bring about myself in years of trying but I was not by any means sure that it would work. In fact I had little idea what to expect at all. The idea felt quite invasive and uncomfortably vulnerable. The reality was not much more than a guided conversation that brought fast and effective change into my life even from the first consultation. I can honestly say that the changes these few sessions have brought will enrich my life for years to come. Thank you Brooke.


“A powerful connection and breakthrough”

I had no idea what I wanted when I went to see Brooke. I just wanted the emptiness to go away. It didn’t take long for him to tease out the real issue, the one I’ve been in denial about for years. Subconscious denial that is. His approach was energetic and challenging, challenging because he helped me see what I didn’t want to see – and the speed was frightening. But it worked in a way previous therapy had left me feeling ‘so what-ish’. The power of Brooke is his ability to connect, to work with his clients, not just the tools he has. It feels like a powerful breakthrough and where I go with it now is up to me. That’s the truly exciting bit.


“I now see real positive change”

“I’ve had a disabling anxiety at work that involved feeling judged whenever observed by colleagues. Approaching Brooke for help was a big step but I needn’t have worried. In a single session, Brooke nailed my difficulty and on three subsequent occasions at work, I now see real positive change. I’m in disbelief and joy at the same time. Thank you Brooke for all you do!”


“I feel confident for the future”

“I never really did thank you for all you’ve done. I guess I didn’t know when it’d be the final session, or when I’d feel it’s time to fly solo and really give it a go. I feel confident for the future and your time has helped secure a stronger mindset, one that has got me believing. 
So as simple as it may seem, thank you for everything.”

“I could never have imagined what positive transformation was possible in such a short time!”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I started working with Brooke. Having tried so many other approaches to therapy I was a little sceptical but hopeful. I could never have imagined what positive transformation was possible in such a short time!

Brooke is not your average therapist, he truly cares and every interaction shows that. He made me feel so comfortable and while he challenged me I always felt like I was in control of the pace and the program. He is so authentic in everything he does that I knew I could trust him fully, I never felt embarrassed or misunderstood.

Working with Brooke has changed my life on so many levels that it is hard to imagine how life was before working with him. For the first time in years I feel strong and self-accepting. Thank you Brooke and I look forward to staying in touch.”


“A voice in the storm equipping you with the methods to take on obstacles in a positive and self-affirming manner”

“This was my first experience of cognitive hypnotherapy and it’s been very positive. What I thought was an intractable and unsolvable issue has become manageable and far less present in my day-to-day life.
It was a remarkable experience for me. I feel empowered and anchored after a few sessions. It’s remarkable what lurks just below the surface and Brooke pierced the film in a straightforward and manageable way that engendered trust in the process and therefore resulted in measurable and real gains
I got the tools I needed to deal with the issues I was facing. The issues are still there but I’m managing them on a day-to-day basis at a level that makes me regret not doing this years ago. Brooke simplified what I couldn’t quantify on my own – he took my fraught emotional and mental state and put it back in the box I let it out of in the first place. A voice in the storm equipping you with the methods to take on obstacles in a positive and self-affirming manner. I’m struggling for negatives.”


“He’s helped me to realise that I’m a good person and that it’s more than ok to be myself”

“It’s been a very interesting journey. Brooke listens carefully and doesn’t jump in when I’m talking. I know he cares and has been thinking about how to help me. When we meet its obvious that he has connected to my issues and I’m not just another punter. He constantly gives me praise and encouragement. He has checked up to see how I’m doing because he genuinely wants me to reach my goals.
He has given me confidence and hope. He’s helped me to realise that I’m a good person and that it’s more than ok to be myself.
He is always positive and genuinely believes in and is excited about the tools he uses. His enthusiasm is infectious.”


“I am now free of those un-useful, unwanted thoughts”

“You know when you’re in a stuck place & something is consuming all your thoughts… That is where I was when I contacted Brooke. He seemed to know exactly what to say from the first call.
I am now free of those un-useful, unwanted thoughts that were taking up so much of my head space, replacing them with positivity and thoughts of a sparkling future!
With that space free I am putting a business plan into action that I have wanted to do for years. Fear of failure and the unknown were holding me back ….Brooke has not only freed up my head, he is encouraging me to follow my dream.
Whatever your issues, trust him and watch the magic happen.”


“One of the very best decisions I’ve made this year”

“The impact of the course completed with Brooke cannot be underestimated. As someone who had never considered therapy, I have to admit I went in to my first session with some trepidation. It transpired to be one of the very best decisions I’ve made this year – I can wholeheartedly say that I am, today, in much better shape in my approach to life and the challenges it can pose than I have ever been. It is with absolute pleasure that I highly recommend Brooke – the professionalism, proactivity and dynamism with which he conducts the course made working with him both incredibly easy and hugely successful. Thank you.”


“The sessions were transformative.”

“Working with Brooke was very powerful. He has a broad skill set yet used it in such a deeply empathetic way that I could relax and from there I found a unique understanding of what was troubling me. Once we had that information he helped me to clear it quickly. The sessions were transformative.”


“His techniques work.”

“I would recommend Brooke to anyone looking for change in their life. His ability to combine humour with sincerity makes sessions with him enjoyable as well as effective, I felt really comfortable talking to him and most importantly his techniques work.”