“I feel empowered to move forward and be happy in my own life”

Working with Brooke has enabled me to take a hard look at myself and my relationships. I really enjoyed the sessions which were always a mix of laughter and tears. Having a safe space to explore my feelings and have my views questioned enabled me to gain a clarity which I knew had been missing. His robust discussions are tempered with a kindness that make the sessions enjoyable, albeit challenging at times.  I like the variety of techniques, from metaphor work to visualisation, which provide the tools for self-reflection.

Before working with him I was ‘stuck’ in my relationship. I knew that I wasn’t happy but had no idea how to move forward. After a few sessions I reached the sad conclusion that I would need to take action which would have a massive impact on my life and those around me. Having time between sessions and listening to the recordings allowed me time to process what we had discussed and reach my own conclusions. I have come away with a much better idea of where I want to be and a feeling of self-worth that had been missing for some time.  His interactive approach is a refreshing change from the tedious analysis of the past employed by some therapists.

Since we started the programme I have noticed a feeling of self-worth and the realisation that I am entitled to have my needs met. I have also realised that I don’t have to make all the changes at once. It is OK to take one step at a time and work through small changes to see what the next steps might be. And I feel empowered to move forward and be happy in my own life.
If anyone would like to ask me about the value of your 2 month programme, please have them email me (available on request). I’ll be happy to talk to them about it.
Thank you!

WS (2 Months) 2021



“Has seen my close relationships improve and my work life improve dramatically”

The whole program worked well for me. I’d got to the stage where I simply needed to talk to somebody and to stop the silence and noise in my brain! Brooke provided a safe place for me to talk and provided useful tools and words to help me start to move forward in a positive way.
He also helped me to find direction. I no longer feel muddled or in my shell and I now have tools to help me when I feel myself slipping in the future.
By facing the realities of my marriage, I have decided the type of people I want in my life moving forward. Being able to focus on what is important to me has seen my close relationships improve and my work life improve dramatically.
Brooke offered a different take on my thoughts and scenarios. Opened my mind!! I would recommend working with him.

JH (2 Months) 2021

Relationships/Feeling Stuck


“I feel less “anguished” and more comfortable in and relaxed about my relationships”

I greatly enjoyed the experience overall of working with Brooke and found it to be quite comfortable. I gained more confidence and became more comfortable in my own skin and became a bit more accepting and comfortable around other ways of living than mine. I feel less “anguished” and more comfortable in and relaxed about my relationships.
If anybody was having problems similar to the ones I had, I would definitely recommend Brooke.

KS (2 Months) 2021

Relationships/Obsessive Thinking


“The end result has transformed me into a calmer person who is at peace with myself.

The sessions were challenging but useful. Brooke does rock the boat to stir up the emotions which can be intense but it is also a discovery session to understand the cause of my problems.  I realise there isn’t anything wrong with me and it is my thought process that needed addressing which I found to be interesting.  The end result has transformed me into a calmer person who is at peace with myself.

AP (2 Months) 2021



“He delivers the tough love in a way that massively helped me process my own gripes”

Brooke will test you, challenge you and open you up to what burdens you. He delivers the tough love in a way that massively helped me process my own gripes. It’s not easy and we had our moments but we always came out laughing.

Speaking with Brooke felt like talking with an impartial friend, it really helped that we could be open with each other (even sharing his!) that made it great. The recordings will always be a great reflection of the journey taken and been the biggest value to me.

I think we went through most of the big emotions or gripes in life and Brooke is not shy to weed them out and give them a poke – which is a huge strength of these sessions. As much as the tough love is tough, you appreciate it. If it looks like a duck…

Top guy and if you are not sure what is burdening you or something more refreshing to traditional therapy. He’s your man.

PM (2 Months) 2021



“It’s like I feel some kind of peace in the now”

“The whole nature and “feel” of the sessions worked well for me. I had no idea what to expect going in, but the sessions were relaxed and comfortable.
The playback and having the recordings to myself works well too, as I can re-listen and pick out new things each time. I also find it reassuring at the end of my initial block to know that I have those recordings still available to re-listen any time I feel the need to.

You made my brain work a lot! Or my brain did… whatever conversation we were having, my brain was whirring away trying to work out what you’re getting at or where we’re going with this. After each session I felt both exhausted and exhilarated.

On many occasions, it struck me that talking to/arguing with you was much like having an external “me” to argue with. Except where in my mind I’d carry on round in the same circles, you would somehow break a cycle. Like, I can have arguments with myself and neither side will ever win because I can see the merit in both. It’s hard work being me!

Hope… I feel a lot more optimistic that I can and will do “more” with my life, but it’s like I feel some kind of peace in the now so the notion of the what may be isn’t so distant.”

CH (2 Months) 2021


“The overall experience was incredibly positive”

“I felt I got to know myself better and was really honest with myself probably for the first time. Also realising that it is okay to say what I want was obvious but a big shift for me. These changes have also really helped in my relationship with my husband.
I found listening back to the sessions really helpful – I was able to pick up on things from the way I phrased it or how I responded to you that I hadn’t picked up in the session. I really enjoyed your humour and miss that ! Having the sessions on Zoom from a practical point of view worked really well for me.”

LK (2 Months) 2020


“Nothing short of life changing”

“The 2 month programme Brooke guided me through was nothing short of life changing. Meaningful change rarely happens without uncomfortable feelings, so be prepared to experience those, but also be prepared to meet someone who truly cares and wants to help you through the process. Brooke has a unique way of reading into what you need and being the catalyst to ensure you uncover those areas. His humour, candidness and compassionate qualities are what saw me through my initial journey, prepared me for the solo “discovery” phase and still continue to do so now. This is an investment in yourself that you won’t regret.”

LHJ (2 Months) 2020


“They were exactly what I needed”

“Brooke says of himself that he can be annoying because he asks you the ‘hard’ questions. That is precisely what drew me to book a couple of sessions with him and although they were tough they were exactly what I needed. I found his working methods during the sessions professional, supportive and flexible. I really liked the way Brooke sends you the recording of your session so you can re-listen to his guidance afterwards. An excellent therapist that I would highly recommend.”

BR (2 Sessions)