“He’s helped me to realise that I’m a good person and that it’s more than ok to be myself”

It’s been a very interesting journey. Brooke listens carefully and doesn’t jump in when I’m talking. I know he cares and has been thinking about how to help me. When we meet its obvious that he has connected to my issues and I’m not just another punter. He constantly gives me praise and encouragement. He has checked up to see how I’m doing because he genuinely wants me to reach my goals.
He has given me confidence and hope. He’s helped me to realise that I’m a good person and that it’s more than ok to be myself.
He is always positive and genuinely believes in and is excited about the tools he uses. His enthusiasm is infectious.


“I am now free of those un-useful, unwanted thoughts”

You know when you’re in a stuck place & something is consuming all your thoughts… That is where I was when I contacted Brooke. He seemed to know exactly what to say from the first call.
I am now free of those un-useful, unwanted thoughts that were taking up so much of my head space, replacing them with positivity and thoughts of a sparkling future!
With that space free I am putting a business plan into action that I have wanted to do for years. Fear of failure and the unknown were holding me back ….Brooke has not only freed up my head, he is encouraging me to follow my dream.
Whatever your issues, trust him and watch the magic happen.


“One of the very best decisions I’ve made this year”

The impact of the course completed with Brooke cannot be underestimated. As someone who had never considered therapy, I have to admit I went in to my first session with some trepidation. It transpired to be one of the very best decisions I’ve made this year – I can wholeheartedly say that I am, today, in much better shape in my approach to life and the challenges it can pose than I have ever been. It is with absolute pleasure that I highly recommend Brooke – the professionalism, proactivity and dynamism with which he conducts the course made working with him both incredibly easy and hugely successful. Thank you.


“The sessions were transformative.”

Working with Brooke was very powerful. He has a broad skill set yet used it in such a deeply empathetic way that I could relax and from there I found a unique understanding of what was troubling me. Once we had that information he helped me to clear it quickly. The sessions were transformative.


“His techniques work.”

I would recommend Brooke to anyone looking for change in their life. His ability to combine humour with sincerity makes sessions with him enjoyable as well as effective, I felt really comfortable talking to him and most importantly his techniques work.