When something isn’t working in our life then it can be very easy to feel or believe that it will never work. This applies to both personal and professional situations.
When another relationship fails then we can believe that no relationship will work. We can start to create beliefs about what we deserve in relationships, how we’ll never be happy, and so on.
Once we start to believe these things then it impacts on how we interact with others and what we accept. We may start to compromise on our happiness, and put the needs of others ahead of our own.
We may start to question our own worth and value.
It’s not far-fetched alas. It’s very common.
We can also stop making the effort because it’s not worth making the effort. That’s what we now believe. That perpetuates the issue.
It’s no different in our professional life. If you’re self-employed it can be challenging when you’re not getting the volume of work you want and need. You might stop making the effort in connecting with others, in sharing what you offer. Why? Because nobody is interested. That’s the new belief.
Of course, if you’re not sharing what you do and how you help people then how are people going to find you or work with you? They’re not.
So you are now a failure and look to do something else. Something that you perceive as easier.
There are many reasons why businesses fail. There are many reasons why relationships fail.
It can be challenging to maintain a positive attitude. It can be difficult to accept that your approach needs to change. You may not have the skills. You may have financial challenges that make the investment in gaining those skills difficult, even if you recognise that it is necessary.
If you want to have a successful relationship then you need to find out what’s not working and change it.
If you want to have a successful business then you need to find out what’s not working and change it.
Hoping that things will change for the better is not a strategy.
You need to take action.
I can help you to find out what’s going on and do something about it.
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