I’m a believer in getting to know people, in making the effort to establish relationships, especially with local businesses. I like people and I like hearing their stories. So when a friend and photographer, Nicky Adams (she took the shots of me on this website), offered to share her stall at the St Margarets Christmas Fair, I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet more local people.

I understand completely that therapy isn’t something that you go to a Christmas fair to discuss or consider, or it isn’t the first thing you think about in the run up to Christmas. But January is a time that people think about making life changes, and whilst I had a modest presence as you can see in the picture, I thought it was a good opportunity to hand out postcards with my New Year offer on it.

Of course it’s December and the weather is always going to be an important factor. That lovely Winter snow scene of early morning had disappeared and grey skies and rain had replaced them by the time the fair opened.  A number of stall holders had decided to not come along because of the weather, and as the day went on the rain/snow got harder and it felt even colder. I watched as people rushed by to get to the mulled wine or cider, or to buy burgers  – and perhaps looked only fleetingly at what it was I was offering.

By the end of the day my feet were solid blocks of ice and despite looking like a Tellytubby (as somebody described my look that day) I was cold to my core. It seemed on the face of it to be a waste of time.

Yet I would do it all again without hesitation. It was a brilliant day for me because I was able to enjoy it for what it was, rather than what is was not.

But how did I choose to see it that way?

The weather I cannot control, so I didn’t worry about it. I can certainly make sure that next time I wear warmer clothing and think about ways to keep warm, so a useful lesson learned.

Nicky was great company – we had fun throughout the whole day, just laughing at how cold we were, at the constantly changing weather and what was happening around us. I shall remember that day for the sheer amount of laughing we did.

And people did stop and talk to me. I had the pleasure of talking to people about what I did, with being able to share some of their stories and experiences and with people who had an interest in helping others. All of them interesting and engaging.
I found out that my blog is read and enjoyed by local people because they stopped and told me. People I didn’t know. And that what I write resonates with them in some way. And that is so gratifying.

I also had a wander through the market meeting other people who have businesses in St Margarets and Twickenham. The lovely staff at The Orchard Clinic, learning more about what they offer, and the same with Emma Hands, a local Reiki Master. It’s a joy to meet other people who are also passionate about what they offer.

And I did share some of my postcards. Not many. What could I do differently next time? Well I could have handed them out to people as they were passing. So another learning opportunity.

Sometimes we are presented with situations which may or may not turn out how we would have hoped or expected, but there is always something to be gained from the experience. And this I know – what would I have learned or experienced if I had chosen to stay at home that day instead?

A brilliant book that I have recommended before and that I read regularly is Ryan Holiday’s, “The Obstacle§ is the Way“, which really helps me to see life in a more helpful way. Buy it as a gift to yourself – it may just turn out to be so much more than you expected.