Working with many clients I’ve discovered that many of the issues that people come to see me about are not their problem – it’s their solution to their real problem – how they feel about themselves on a fundamental level.

Ask yourself the question, “Do I like myself?” You may have found it uncomfortable to answer, or simply said, “No” in response. I won’t ask if you love yourself. For many of us that feels impossible, or somehow just not realistic. 

How we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves is fundamental. How different would life be for you if you knew that who you were right now was all you needed to be, that you were good enough in every situation?
Take a moment to imagine what that might be like for you now. 

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about knowing that who you are, with your good and your bad, your strengths and your weaknesses, is all you need to be. Knowing that you can express your needs, say what you believe, make mistakes and be human

I’ve never liked myself so how can that change?

There are reasons why you feel the way you feel about yourself and together we can discover what they are and change the way you now feel about those events and situations. You may be surprised at how quickly you can start to appreciate who you are and to enjoy how easy it is to be yourself again. 

And how will ‘liking’ myself sort out the problems I have?

Actually I’m looking for you to love yourself. What do I mean by that? That you wake up every day knowing that no matter what is happening in your life you know that you are good enough to face your challenges. Knowing that you can reach out to others when you need help, expressing your feelings when you want to without shame or embarrassment, enjoying being able to be yourself – whatever that means. Treating yourself with the respect and love you deserve and no longer accepting others treating you in a way you don’t deserve.

I’ve helped people deal with their cannabis addiction, their issues with weight, their ‘bad’ choices in relationships, their drinking, and other examples, all of them in response to their relationship to themselves. 

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