On Sunday I went for a run:
I met loads of people I know and enjoyed saying hello, talking about the race to come, the weather, how people were. All the usual stuff. I really felt part of a community. I met some new people. I love that aspect of the race.
Over ten miles there were loads of people shouting out encouragement and support, the marshals were fantastic and I chatted now and then to other runners. It was a fantastic atmosphere. The support really makes a difference.
The route was really lovely taking in Twickenham, Kingston, Ham and Richmond. Really scenic. I’m very lucky to live in this area.
When I approached the finish line I almost cried I was so happy to finish.
It was lovely to get a medal to mark my achievement. It’s a lovely reminder.
I loved chatting to the other runners finding out how fast they ran and their stories from the morning. So many great stories and amazing times.
It was a brilliant event and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

On Sunday I went for a run:
It was quite cold at the start but then it got really hot really quickly as I started running. That was uncomfortable.
It was really busy and I quickly lost the person I was running with and I never saw them again until after the race. That was disappointing.
I definitely wasn’t as fit as last year and it was a real struggle. Every step felt like an effort.
My right ankle was playing up and that didn’t help either. Perhaps I shouldn’t have run.
For the last two miles it rained and towards the finish line it was torrential. I got absolutely soaked. Far from ideal.
I felt sick for a lot of the race as I ran, probably due to the gels, etc. I was stupid to take them.
When I approached the finish line I almost cried I was so happy to finish.
I got cold really quickly after the race and just wanted to go home.
I was much slower than last year – it took another seven minutes to run 10 miles. Everybody else was much faster than me.

Same race. All of those things happened. Interpretations are all mine.
I know which of these I choose. It is a choice.