I have a routine in the mornings before I head out to see clients in Richmond or Twickenham. As part of that I listen to Radio 4 as I go about my preparation. This particular morning I had a later start and so I managed to catch this programme which was a really interesting discussion between consultant neurologist Jules Montague, behavioural scientist Nick Chater, neuropsychiatrist Anthony David with others.
One of the aspects of what I do is that I appreciate that there is so much to learn, not only directly in my field, but in the latest findings from allied fields which may allow for new understanding and an improved approach. I stopped what I was doing and listened to find out more. The guests had been chosen not only for their knowledge and they all had something to promote – in the case of Nick and Jules, new books.
The Radio 4 promotion states that, “…Nick Chater is sceptical about whether we have an inner self at all. His book The Mind is Flat (Link: ) exposes what he calls the ‘shocking shallowness’ of our psychology, and argues that we have no mental depths to plumb. Only by understanding this can we hope to understand ourselves.”
There wasn’t enough depth in the discussion itself to determine what we might discover that is new, but the differences in this and the layers peeling like an onion espoused by others were really thought-provoking.
As I walked to my Cognitive Hypnotherapy clinic in Twickenham I allowed it to percolate. My conclusion? I had to listen again and then order the books.*

Have a listen and see what you think:
Start the Week, Radio 4
The Mind is Flat: The Illusion of Mental Depth and The Improvised Mind
Lost and Found: Memory, Identity, and Who We Become When We’re No Longer Ourselves
Fighting Stigma in Mental Health – and losing (Panel Discussion)
Fanny & Alexander, Old Vic (Stephen Beresford)

*Yet more books to add to my already groaning bookshelves!