We are very good at deceiving ourselves (this is called liar remember). We tell ourselves stories, and create narratives, reasons and excuses. We look outside of our choices and look to blame something or someone else.
Anything. As long as it’s not the truth. The truth that’s about responsibility and ownership.
Let me share an example.
I’m thinking about how I can create a system where I can offer therapy without charge to those who need it and still receive an income.
That’s a different system to me offering my time for a set amount of money, or a variation of that system.
I don’t know what that system looks like. Crowdfunding? Subscription? Donation? External funding?
I could find somebody to employ me as a therapist and then work for them. I get paid a set amount and work with those sent to me.
I don’t want to be employed though.
It looks like quite the challenge. It’s exciting to work on something new, and unproven.
What if none of the above is actually true? Or it’s a choice I’ve made that camouflages the truth?
The truth is that I don’t enjoy marketing.
I don’t enjoy marketing because I don’t know what I’m doing and the thought of learning it doesn’t excite me and I’m not prepared to invest money or time into learning because of that.
There’s also the fear that if I do and it doesn’t work that I’ve wasted my money and time. What if I learn how to and I discover that it wasn’t my marketing or it’s something else that’s about me?
I’ve come across this when somebody wants therapy to deal with a problem. When I was a hypnotherapist there were some people who wanted me to ‘put them under’, talk a bit and for them to ‘wake up’ without the problem.
No effort is required and certainly not desired. A magic pill/wand solution, please.
Alas, not.
Therapy, like everything, is work. It requires you to do the work. I can help you with that work. Helping you get clarity, challenging your thinking and providing useful support.
To learn something new requires time, application and investment in various ways. There are no guarantees either.
I could do the work. I could learn to market. I could learn to sell, or carry on as I am.
After all, it’s not that bad. It could be worse. And I’m sure it will get worse if I continue to do what I know doesn’t work. I’m a liar.