Habits – From Good to Bad
What was once a suggestion became an intention which became a habit.
That habit stayed with me and became part of my identity, it was ‘who I am’.
I then discovered that it wasn’t helpful now.
Times change. We change. Our needs change. The impact of the habit was no longer useful to me.
What was it? The news.
I applied to join The Royal Marines when I was 18. I went to the local Navy office and sat a test. My political knowledge and awareness was weak and highlighted by the test.
I wasn’t interested in politics.
The officer suggested that I start reading a ‘serious broadsheet’ and listen to the news. I did.
Radio 4 was my choice of radio station and it remained my choice.
I now listen to Radio 2.
I still hear the news and I still read through online news sources, but I am no longer exposing myself to hours of news.
I find it unhelpful now.
The focus is negative. It is. Listening to that focus from when I wake up for hours doesn’t help me. I’ve made the choice to no longer listen to it.
It doesn’t mean I won’t ever listen to it, or that I won’t listen to Radio 4 again. It’s not a binary choice. There are radio programmes I want to listen to.
But for now, it’s music that I wake up to.
It’s a more helpful choice.
Your choices may well be different, and if it’s helpful then that’s great, but if your habits are no longer serving you then it’s time to reevaluate.
Or perhaps it’s not politic to suggest that?