Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I get asked a number of questions and I thought it would be helpful to share them.

1. Where are your prices?

You should have found them on my home page. I charge £75 per hour and a standard session is one hour long. 

2. Do you only work online?

Yes. I offered working online prior to the COVID-19 situation, and then switched to working only online. A lot of people have found it a really positive experience with some finding it more useful and beneficial than working in person. It also means that I’m able to offer my work to those whose geography means that it would be physically difficult or unwelcome to work in person.

3. Isn’t it less effective working online?

No. It’s different. But it’s no less effective. In many ways, it can be even more effective. If you’ve never worked online then now is a great opportunity to try it. Logistically, it means fewer issues with parking, and of course, there is no travel time. As I record all of our sessions for you to listen to it makes that very simple.

4. I just want to ‘try’ one session to see if I like it.

In my experience, it’s not helpful. You might not enjoy that session, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t helpful or effective. Equally, I want you to take responsibility and have control over how many sessions you want without having to make a commitment prior to the work. So if you want to book a session to see if you like it then you can do so.

5. How do I know you’re the right person for me?

By having a conversation before you commit to the work. I am not interested in ‘selling’ therapy. I work with people who are ready to invest time in getting the changes they are looking for and who are committed to doing the work, especially when it’s challenging. I don’t fix you and I don’t tell you how to live your life and therapy isn’t something I do to you – we work together in a professional and committed way based on mutual respect so that we can get the best outcome possible.

6. Do you do hypnosis? Is it like that stuff I’ve seen on stage?

I don’t do hypnosis. I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist so if there’s something in that toolbox that I believe would be useful and effective then, of course, I’ll use it. It’s nothing like stage hypnosis. Sorry.

7. Why do you record the sessions and what does listening back offer me?

I’ve been recording sessions for years now and it gives you the opportunity to reflect on what we explored, to give you a different perspective and to allow you to discover, for yourself, your patterns and behaviours. This is much more powerful than me simply pointing it out and clients have often told me how useful it was to be able to listen to the session and to be able to see the difference in themselves over the sessions.