I had one of those moments this morning as I was on my way to my hypnotherapy practice in Twickenham. Silence. It feels as for the briefest of moments the world has been dialled down to zero. A stillness descends as though the world is catching its breath. For me these moments are so rare that I can remember the last time I experienced it and that was in Brisbane over ten years ago.

You can of course live somewhere where it is naturally quiet, where the noise of modern life is muted to a greater degree than you would expect in a busy town or city.

I was walking back from a regular networking meeting I attend in Twickenham, enjoying the sun when it happened. A sudden and brief hush. For me it’s a really special moment and I can imagine the world all stopping for that brief instant to notice something before continuing on. And I relax – physically and mentally.

How wonderful if we were able to enjoy more of those moments. I know from my clients and from other people I have conversation with that they feel that they never have any of these moments in their life. There is always something going on, thoughts followed by thoughts with no respite and they don’t always find it helpful. For some people they find they are unable to find sleep easily, for others they find that these thoughts lead to unhelpful thoughts of possible futures and outcomes, or that they just feel ‘stuck’ in their head.

Some people find that they are able to find increasing stillness through mindfulness (I’m currently trying out a new app Calm myself), or they find that through dealing with the underlying causes of those thoughts they are able to enjoy a calmer outlook.

There is no one way to find the way to deal with unhelpful thoughts or busyness and it is entirely a personal journey.
What can you do to find the clarity and stillness you are looking for?

You can try the Calm app for yourself free for 60 days by clicking here. I’ve also heard good things about this book Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams, or you could always find a moment to have a conversation with me. Whichever way you find, enjoy the silence,