Many of us enjoy doing things for others to bring them pleasure, or to let them know how much we love them and care for them. It can be buying flowers, sending a card, dropping them an email, or something else. I take pleasure in these gestures and acts. It’s important to me to remind people of their importance in my life.

What do you do to remind yourself of your own importance and how much you value yourself?

I like to buy myself flowers every week. I walk down to M&S (other stores are available naturally) and see what they have available. I have a very small vase that I bought on my recent Scottish holiday and so I don’t need a huge amount. This weekend I bought chrysanthemums.

Every time I walk in and sit at my desk I enjoy seeing them, marvelling at their beauty. They add something positive to my life. I enjoy seeing them change every day and knowing that their time will pass, that I don’t know how long they will live for. I enjoy every moment I have with them.

I am worth buying flowers for. Aren’t you?