I’ve been pinged by the NHS Covid 19 app on my phone. It has told me to self-isolate because I’ve been in contact with somebody who has tested positive.

It’s annoying because I can’t do the things I usually do such as swimming, which I usually do four times every week. I can’t arrange to meet anybody.

I tested myself on Saturday and I was negative. I was pinged on Sunday evening.

If only I hadn’t installed the app then I wouldn’t have been pinged.
If only I hadn’t gone to that restaurant at that time then I wouldn’t have been pinged.
If only I’d left my phone at home so none of this wouldn’t have happened.

I don’t know if I’ve caught Covid 19. I suspect not, but I don’t know. I can only test and see what the results tell me.

What I do know:

I installed the app on my phone.
I went out to the restaurant.
I took my phone with me.

I made choices and now I’m dealing with the consequences.