About me

Like we all do I live my life doing the best I can.

However, I kept noticing that there were patterns of behaviour, certain things that triggered particular behaviours and responses and that they weren’t helpful. n fact, quite the opposite. I didn’t know why I reacted the way I did, and I would justify it to myself afterwards, often making it other people’s issues and behaviour.

In relationships, I noticed that irrespective of the other person’s behaviour I was seeing the same outcomes and they weren’t the outcomes I wanted.

I justified it all.

Then suddenly a close friend of mine died and my world was shaken. I didn’t deal with it well, but it was the start of a journey that has led to where I am. I realised that the way I was seeing the world, the way I reacted to things, wasn’t what I wanted to see or how I wanted to react.

Me, Brooke Hender, sitting on steps

A friend of mine suggested therapy, which I dismissed. After all, “it’s just the way I am”, and “I’ve always been that way”, but I went along and those early sessions started a shift in me. I made changes in my life, I saw the world in a different, more helpful way.

Later, a therapist suggested that I would make a good therapist. I trained with the Quest Institute, under the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy Trevor Silvester, recognised internationally as one of the leading schools. I also went back to therapy.

The course and the therapy were transformative. I started to understand but to apply the work to my own life. I began to appreciate what others were offering me, what I had to offer others, who I was and what I could be. I had greater clarity and understanding. I dealt with the unhelpful belief and narrative I had about myself.
I want to help you so that you can experience life in a different and more helpful way.

If you’d like to read what others who have already worked with me have thought about the process and results then have a look at my Testimonials. Currently, I work online and you may feel that online is not for you – however, you might be surprised at what it offers. Is it different from in-person work? Yes. It’s no less effective though.

I will be returning to in-person work so please contact me if you’re interested in working face to face.

I am fully qualified and insured for therapy and coaching. I am registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH).

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